Internship Experience in Momentum R&D: Mehmet Can Gümüş from R&D Team Tells

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This is Mehmet Can, and I am studying Mechanical Engineering at Middle East Technical University. For almost six years, I was thinking about my intentions in life. I was very confused about which profession to pick or which sector to pursue. After my graduation from high school, I enrolled in Medical School but I was not happy with my decision. I dropped out of Medical School and enrolled in METU Mechanical Engineering. I was absolutely happier but I was still confused about which field to work on after my graduation. Thanks to Momentum R&D, I realized that there are fields that I enjoy working on.

After my first year in Mechanical Engineering, I decided to find an internship to adapt to Mechanical Engineering. I was thinking about a company which works in the aerospace sector. I made a research on the ODTÜ Teknokent’s website and found several aerospace companies. Momentum R&D drew my attention in the first place since it develops wind turbines – which means the company is eco-friendly and also works in the aerospace sector. I filled out an internship applicant form on the company’s website. I was quite hopeless actually because I’d just finished my first year. Therefore I thought that I would be a worthless intern candidate for the company. Nearly 20 days later, I received an email from Rahmi Erdem Yıldız, who is the founder of Momentum R&D. He invited me to the office for an interview without asking for my CV. That impressed me but I told him that I can send my CV before I come to the office for the interview. He said I can send it if I would like to. I prepared a CV and a letter of motivation. I sent him my CV and rushed to the interview. In the interview, he said that companies usually do not accept intern candidates who have just finished their first year since they are inexperienced about their field of work. Although I was a newbie, Mr. Erdem told me that he was impressed by my letter of motivation and social skills which were viewable in my CV. He was quite sure that I could adapt me to the company and develop my technical skills while adding value to the company. Through the whole interview, he approached me like a friend, not a boss. That behavior gave me confidence so I was able to describe myself more precisely.

On my first day in the office, I was very motivated about the internship since Mr. Erdem valued me during the interview. I introduced myself to the other interns in the office, and they approached me very sincerely. Mr. Erdem gave me so many responsibilities. I was involved in the assembly and the installment of Karayel (Mistral), the very first product of the company. I’ve learned different CAD programs that were used to design Karayel. I even wrote a report to present to KOSGEB which was appreciated by Mr. Erdem.  I’ve learned so much about my profession, entrepreneurship, teamwork, project management, but most importantly; I made precious friendships. At the end of every week, on Fridays, all the members of the Momentum R&D family hang out together, including Mr.Erdem. That’s the culture of the company. During these hangouts, our CEO Mr. Erdem and other interns Hervis, Onur, Elif, Taha, Şahika; who were complete strangers to me, have become very valuable friends. 

My whole experience in Momentum R&D was great so I have decided to continue working part-time to improve myself more and more and be a part of Momentum R&D. Mr. Erdem welcomed my decision and said he wants to see me working in the company during my education. Momentum R&D is an ineffable company. Thanks to Mr. Erdem, the atmosphere in the office was very warm, and everyone was amicable. With these working attitudes, I am sure that Momentum R&D will keep growing and be one of the biggest firms in Turkey that comes up with aerospace and green energy solutions for a more livable world.


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